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I am a very avid user of Volocity and loves that it has been purchased by a company who is proactive and enthusiastic. Please add me to your forum, so that I cam interact with other users of the software.
Michael Kuligowski | email
Jun 19 2018, 12:39 PM
Hello Michael,
Thank you for joining the newly created Volocity forum, we look forward to active communication with Volocity users and encourage feedback along with any feature requests.
You may also find the knowledge book area of interest.
Best regards
Seonaid Munro | email
1 min since original post
I trust through this article I can spare one individual from getting ripped off, which will profit I squandered at any rate have some esteem. There were a few individuals from Velocity Software LLC that were deals delegates at the organization. I know there first and last name however I am not out to decimating individual notoriety.
3D Animation Company | email
3 weeks, 3 days since original post
3D Animation Company:

This Forum does is not associated with Velocity Software LLC.
Volocity® software froum Quorum Technologies is a family of integrated software products for microscopy that can be used independently or combined to provide a full suite of tools for 3D image acquisition, volume visualization, restoration, publication, and object measurement, tracking and charting.
Seonaid Munro
3 weeks, 3 days since original post
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