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best file organization to import image sequences?

I've noticed differences in import performance depending on how image sequences are initially organized. For example, ICS format sequences were imported fast under Volocity 6.3, while OME-TIFF sequences were much slower (Windows 7). I think this had to do with how each file organizes the individual images (XYZCT vs. XYZTC).

Was the image sequence organization scheme changed in Volocity 6.5? It seems like ICS sequences are importing much slower than previously (now on Windows 10). I am happy to put sequences in whatever order Volocity likes to have them to make sure it doesn't have reshuffle the image deck. Can you advise?
Kevin | email
Jul 18 2019, 01:36 PM
It looks like import times weren't as bad as I thought, so I don't think anything was materially changed in the file import mechanisms. However, it would be nice if Volocity could import Hamamatsu .cxd and Slidebook (.sld) formats. It seems like OME-TIFF imports into Volocity suffer from the same slow import phenomena.
Kevin | email
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