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3.34. Indentify objects inside other objects

The Internalize Objects task can be used in a measurement protocol to identify the objects that are found inside other objects by giving them a Parent ID.


Objects from one series that are within the same object in another series will be given the same Parent ID.


In order to use this task in a measurement protocol you will also need to retain objects in the first series using the Retain Objects task.  This will name the first set of objects to enable them to be specified in the Internalize task.

The steps to take are:


1. Identify, measure and retain objects in one series.

2. Identify and measure objects in the second series.

3. Use the Internalize task to internalize objects in first series with objects in the second series.


This will create a Parent ID for all the objects that are inside the other objects.  Parent ID will not be generated for any objects in one series that are not entirely enclosed within the objects in the second series.

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