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1.1. I'm changing the server computer for the Imaging License Server - what should I consider?

1. The workstation should meet the minimum specifications available at the following link: Volocity System Requirements. 

2. The ILS workstation must have a static IP address or a DNS, this IP address/DNS should then be made available to users connecting to Volocity via a client computer.

3. By default the server computer uses port 15002 for TCP/IP communication with clients. The web server for the administration tool uses port 15003 for HTTP communication with browsers.

i. For Windows based License Server installations you should ensure that exceptions have been made to allow communication through these ports.

ii. If the License Server machine is connected to an internal network please also ensure that exceptions have been made on the network firewall for the described ports. Speak to your IT staff if in doubt.

4. The ILS admin tool runs via web browser - see page 7 of the Imaging License Server Userguide for a list of supported Internet browsers.

5. Ensure that the ILS workstation's power settings are configured so that the computer never sleeps/hibernates. If the server workstation is turned off/set to sleep then the ILS daemon/Service running in the background will stop and therefore no client machine running Volocity will be able to connect to the ILS. 

6. It is vital that you make a backup copy of the Improvision License server preference folder on the original ILS server computer and transfer this over to the new server computer. The Improvision License server folder contains two files, the Users and Groups.mk and Server log.mk file between them they contain all of the configuration information for the ILS (please note that this is not stored on the dongle).

To copy the file please go to the directory outlined below.

Windows XP:

PC: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Improvision License Server

Windows 7:

C:\Program Data\Improvision License Server

Legacy Mac OS X:

Mac: Mac HD \ Library \ Application Support \ Improvision License Server

Once you have copied the Improvision License server folder file from your original server computer, copy the folder to the same location on the new ILS computer.

Installation process:

1. If the ILS dongle is already plugged in, unplug the dongle.

2. Download and install the Imaging License Server (ILS) software from the Imaging License Server downloads page, found here.

3. Once installed, shutdown the computer

4. Plug the ILS dongle in to an available USB port

5. Restart the computer (as soon as the dongle receives power the LED on the rear of the dongle should light up)

6. Once the computer has restarted access the ILS admin tool (insert localhost:15003 into the address line of the URL browser) to verify that the ILS is up and running and that the appropriate Imaging License Server preference file is being accessed (check the Users, Groups and configurations...these should mirror how they were setup on the original ILS machine).

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