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2.3. How to transfer Volocity preferences between different user accounts in Windows

Transferring Volocity Preferences on Windows
On a Windows computer, copying the user level preferences is slightly different and involves accessing the Registry directory of your machine.

As on Mac you must first copy the ‘user-level’ preferences from the donor account.

Log in to the ‘donor’ account (usually an administrator).

Click on ‘Start’ and then click on ‘Run’

In the available field type ‘regedit’ and click ‘OK’


This will open the ‘Registry Editor’ dialog window.

Click on the ‘+’ symbol next to the folder entitled ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER’


Now click on the ‘+’ symbol next to the folder entitled ‘Software’


Find ‘Improvision’ in the list and again click on the ‘+’ symbol, you should now see a folder called ‘Volocity’.

If you now click on the ‘+’ symbol this lists all of the preferences stored at the user level, you can decide to export the Volocity user level preferences in their entirety or you may wish to export individual preferences such as ‘Light Paths’ individually.

To export the Volocity preferences highlight the folder in the Registry Editor menu and then right click…choose the ‘export’ option.


Export the preferences folder to a location that can be easily accessed by a user account e.g. a ‘shared folder’ or alternatively a portable memory stick or Hard Drive. The folder will be exported as a .reg file (registry file).

Once the export is complete log out of the administrator account and then log back in as a new user.

Access the shared folder or the portable memory device and then drag and drop the Volocity preferences folder (.reg file) onto the desktop.

Double click on the .reg file and the preferences will automatically be stored in the correct location on the new users account. Now when Volocity is started on the users account the preferences initially at least should be exactly the same as the ‘donor’ account.

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