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3.21. Debug Shortcut Instructions

Occasionally, when troubleshooting in Volocity, it can be very useful to have a debug log to better gain insight into the specific issues. This is especially important, if there is a crash of Volocity.


To address this issue, you can create a ‘debug’ shortcut. To do this:


1. create a shortcut from the Volocity (x64).exe file. To do this, you will navigate to: C:àProgram FilesàVolocity.

Once in this folder, you can find the Volocity .exe file, and right click on this. This will provide you with numerous options, including ‘Create Shortcut’. As suggested, have the program place the shortcut on the desktop (see Fig1).

Fig1. Creating Shortcut.

Jeff HD:Users:jrbutler:Library:Containers:com.apple.mail:Data:Library:Mail Downloads:976DEC37-3C88-4B99-B9D4-F62A628AB01E:Volocity Debug ShortCut_4.JPG


You can then rename this shortcut – Volocity Debug Shortcut.



2. Once renamed, right-click on the shortcut, and choose the properties option:

Fig 2.

Jeff HD:Users:jrbutler:Library:Containers:com.apple.mail:Data:Library:Mail Downloads:38CD4810-1CA7-48E2-9FC1-70CA3398CF65:Volocity Debug ShortCut_1.JPG



3. Once in the ‘Shortcut’ tab, as per below. You will be adding the following text to the ‘Target’ field,as per Fig 3.: /d /logtofile


The full string will lead:
“C:\Program File\Volocity\Volocity (x64).exe” /d /logtofile

(please note the space before the slash when typing “ /d” and “ /logtofile”.



 Jeff HD:Users:jrbutler:Library:Containers:com.apple.mail:Data:Library:Mail Downloads:96BE23C6-35A8-4636-8466-43EAB8E844E0:Volocity Debug ShortCut_2.JPG



4. Now, when you go to Launch Volocity, you can launch it as you usually do (for conventional operation) or via the ‘debug’ shortcut. After you quit (or Volocity crashes) you can retrieve the debug log from:

C:àUsersàcurrent useràAppDataàLocalàVolcoity6.5.1, as per Fig 4.


Fig 4.

Jeff HD:Users:jrbutler:Library:Containers:com.apple.mail:Data:Library:Mail Downloads:74BFED75-16EE-47B3-8B1B-AC5D7825FE72:Volocity Debug ShortCut_3.JPG


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