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3.37. How do I transfer Volocity configurations between different workstations or different user accounts?

If you have purchased a new workstation you may need to transfer the Volocity configurations from the old workstation to the new one. Alternatively you may need to populate multiple users accounts with the same settings on a single workstation.


Using an Admin account go to the start menu and search for 'regedit'.

This will open the Registry Editor, you will see a file tree showing the various registry keys.

The Volocity keys for the currently logged-in user are stored in the following path:

HKEY_USER_CURRENT > Software > Improvision > Volocity

These store the user settings in Volocity such as lightpaths, import preferences etc

Right click the Volocity key in the above path to export as a .reg file

If you want to populate multiple accounts on the same worktation use this key. Simply log into the account and double click this exported .reg file to import the settings.

If you want to export the Volocity system configuration keys they are in the path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Improvision > Volocity

These store the Volocity system configuration such as serial port setup, objective calibrations etc

Again right cick the Volocity key to export as a .reg file, then double click the file to import as required.

If you want to move both Volocity user and system configurations you will need both of the above .reg files.

Be very careful when exporting the keys. I would recommend that you only export the Volocity keys above. For instance if you accidentally exported all keys from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then imported them to a different workstation it would leave the workstation in a very bad way and you would need to completely reinstall the OS.

On a Macintosh workstation:

The user level settings are available in the following path:

Hard disk > Users > Home directory (it looks like a house) > Library > Preferences > Volocity Preferences

The system level settings are available:

Hard disk > Library > Preferences > Volocity Preferences

Copy these folders as required, be very careful not to mix them up as they bear the same name. Top tip if you are copying them create parent folder named user and system so you don't get them mixed up.

If you are copying the the user settings to a different account move them to the same location in the users home directory. And for the Volocity system configuration files move them to exactely the same path if you are moving the configuration to a new workstation.

* Its important to note that some settings especially the lightpath settings may have the appearance of being lost when you move the configuration files to a new system. If you use Volocity acquisition and have changed workstations the Camera's ID may have changed in the registry. Volocity uses this ID to link the lightpaths to the camera. In the case of DCAM cameras from Hamamatsu you can try to restore them by changing the DCAM IDs in the registry keys (this only applies to Windows) please see here for further details.


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