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3.30. How to create Measurement Item

How do I create a Measurement Item?
1. Once you have made measurements from points, lines and/or regions of interest in the Measurements view, use the Make Measurement Item command from the Measurements menu to record measurements.
The image below shows a time series data set, the protocol has been constructed to track objects over time.

Note you do not need the Measure Objects task to be present in the Protocol in order to make a measurement item. A Measure Objects task need only be added to the protocol if you wish to measure objects at specific points within the measurement protocol.
2. The Make Measurement Item dialog allows you to create a new Measurement Item or add the results into an existing Measurement Item.

You may choose to measure the current time point or alternatively if you are interested in analysing all timepoints within a time sequence you may choose to Measure: all Timepoints by selecting the appropriate radio button. To measure Selected timepoint(s) the timepoints need to be selected in the image sequence timeline view or in the time navigation bar, if no timepoints are selected the current timepoint is measured.
3. The Measurement Item will be stored in the Volocity Library

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