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3.3. Configuring serial port of the DMi8 for Volocity

Upon installation of the Leica SDK, which comes with the DMi8 upon delivery, driver that allows the computer to computer to connect to the microscope via USB, will be installed. This is a “Virtual Com Port” (or VCP) allowing serial port communications with the microscope. However, while the Leica SDK does not require that the microscope be as having a Com Port, the Volocity software does.

To enable the VCP for the DMi8, you will need to go into Device Manager on your computer. Once there, you simply have to click the checkbox for VCP. These steps are outlined in the following images:

  1. Identify the DMi8, it will show up under the USB Controllers as a USB Serial Controller

2. Double Click on the device, or Right Click and choose Properties

3. In the Advanced Tab, you will see the Load VCP option

4. Click on this, and the Device will now show up under “Ports”. Choose the appropriate Com Port in Volocity when setting up your Serial devices.

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