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3.2. Volocity supported file formats

Volocity will import the following file formats:

For reading, Volocity currently supports the following formats:
    • BioRad PIC
    • Windows BMP
    • Volocity Library Clipping
    • DeltaVision
    • ICS/IDS (Image Cytometry Format)
    • JPEG
    • Leica LIF (generated by Leica confocals)
    • Neurolucida Tracing XML format
    • Openlab LIFF
    • PerkinElmer AIC
    • PerkinElmer Harmony ‘Index and Images’ and ‘Index with Referenced Images’ (generated by PerkinElmer Operetta High Content imaging systems)
    •  Apple PICT
    • QuickTime Images (this includes formats such as Photoshop PSD and any other still
image format supported by QuickTime)
    • TIFF
    •  Improvision TIFF extensions (metadata included in the ImageDescription tag)
    • Leica TIFF (generated by Leica confocals)
    • Olympus TIFF (generated by Olympus FluoView confocals, xcellence and cell^R systems)
    • PerkinElmer TIFF (generated by PerkinElmer UltraVIEW systems)
    • GE TIFF (generated by GE Healthcare INCell 1000 systems)
    • OME TIFF (as described by the Open Microscopy Environment http://openmicroscopy.org )
    • Zeiss LSM (this is a TIFF variant)
    • Zeiss ZVI
    • MetaMorph STK (this is a TIFF variant)
    • Olympus OIF (this is a TIFF variant)
    • TILLVision

 For writing, Volocity supports the following formats:
    • Windows BMP
    • Volocity Library Clipping
    • ICS/IDS (Image Cytometry Format)
    • JPEG
    • Openlab LIFF
    • MATLAB v5 image format (compatible with MATLAB versions 5 and 6)
    • TIFF (with Improvision extensions)
    • OME-TIFF (2007 schema, as described by the Open Microscopy Environment http:// openmicroscopy.org)
    • TIFF for Publication
    • QuickTime Movies
    • AVI Movies (Windows only)
    • WMV Movies (Windows only)
    • Volocity supports writing views as QuickTime, AVI and WMV movies where available.

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