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3.1. What is my dongle number and SMA expiry date?

The Volocity dongle/serial number is an 8 digit number programmed on the Volocity/ILS dongle. Each dongle is also programmed with a Software Maintenance (SMA) expiry date.

The Volocity dongle number is printed on the tag which is physically attached to the dongle. If you have a stand alone dongle, it will be plugged into the workstation that Volocity is installed and used on. If you have a License Server dongle (often referred to as an ILS dongle) it will typically be plugged into a server on your local network.

If you need to verify the dongle/serial number or want to check the validity of you SMA:

  1. Start Volocity
  2. Go to the Window menu > Show session log


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